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Flipping Buddies HGTV NEW EPISODE

NEW HGTV SHOW TO WATCH SAT JUNE 17th @ 2pm — Hi Friends, Two of my clients, John and Steve both have used my program to build their own pools. They both have been flipping houses for years and now… Read More »


Which is Better, Shotcrete or Gunite for your Swimming Pool Plans

Ask any structural engineer, when strength factors are to be recognized shotcrete is required. Gunite companies cannot guarantee their product to 2500 psi. Just ask one to put that in writing. Most shotcrete companies product, is an engineered mix from… Read More »


Orange County Pool Plans

Swimming Pool Plans – When Building a Pool In the O.C. Swimming Pool Plan designs in Orange County are required to include a report and recommendation from a Geotechnical Engineer when the swimming pool will be built within 15’ of… Read More »


Swimming Pool Plans – What you need to get a permit!

Last week I received a call from an airline pilot on layover who shared with me that he purchased a swimming pool plan from one of my competitors for $5,000.00. He proceeded to tell me this was a 3D concept… Read More »


Knowledge to maintain your pool?

How to select the proper equipment when Building Your Own Pool Project. Building your own pool, or commonly seen online as BYOP – Building a swimming pool without consultation, can be intimidating. No need to worry… Our website receives visitors… Read More »

Great swimming Pools Happen By Design!

Building a Pool is Not Rocket Science

Great Swimming Pools Happen By Design! Just the other day I was looking though Google for articles on this very topic. I came across one article from a national pool builder known for one of the industry’s biggest scams on… Read More »

Pool Construction: Who really builds the pool

Pool Construction: Who Really Builds The Pool

Trade Swimming Pool Contractors do… Licensed in various trades of the process each individual contractor has specialized training in their prospective trades. Excavators – These contractors are very skilled and must know the rules that apply to swimming pool excavation…. Read More »

What Do Inground Pools Costs

What Do Inground Pools Costs?

How to Determine the Price of your upcoming Pool Project. There are many factors to consider when starting this adventure of adding a swimming pool to your backyard, but let me assure you that the focus must be on going… Read More »


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