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Full page magazine ads, phonebook ads, direct mail marketing are expensive methods to increase sales.  We have all tried many of them to get our products and services in front of the consumer.  By using you will see a higher rate of return by using our Banner Ad Program. is committed to its clients, providing better service, more leads at better price than our competition.  We provide industry experience and a site that helps the consumer feel confident choosing from our list of installers and service providers.  That is why more contractors and service providers choose to partner with them in building a long lasting business relationship.

ExpressBanner Ad Program

Advertising Rates and Information:

If you are looking for a low-cost place to advertise with a solid rate of return, consider placing your ad on is one of the fastest and informative sites as well. Together they produce well over Five Thousand page views per month and during the February through September period (Swimming Pool Season), with an estimated audience of more than 10,000 unique users.

Fixed Position Ads (120 x 90) and Rotating Banners (468 x 60)”

“We offer five fixed position ad spots that appear on EVERY PAGE of both You can run a 120 x 90 banner ad, or a boxed text link ad containing a maximum of 10 words.  The advertiser that owns these positions can rotate multiple banners or boxed text links ad in their space at no extra charge.

We also offer rotating 468 x 60 banners that appear on the bottom of the page, and are sure to catch the eye of potential customers.  They are sold by a percentage of the banner rotation, in 10% increments.  A 10% slice of the rotation will produce more than 1,000 banner impressions every month, and a 20% slice will produce exactly twice as many impressions.  The advertiser that owns a percentage of the rotation can rotate multiple banners within their space at no extra charge.”

“There are only seven ad spots (six buttons and one 728 x 90 banner) on the sites.  Unlike other sites, we don’t cram our pages full of advertising, so your ads will get the full attention they deserve.  The table below lists the monthly cost of each advertising spot.  After comparing our low prices to the competition, we think you’ll agree that offers more bang (and more potential customers for your business) for the buck!”

  • Name of Ad Position Size Monthly Cost
  • Buttons or Boxed Text Link Ad
  • (6 positions available) Near top of page, above the fold 120 x 60 $300 for button that appears on 100% of pages
  • $175 for button that appears on 50% of pages
  • $100 for button that appears on 25% of pages
  • Banner Ads Bottom of Page 468 x 60 $100 for each 10% slice of the rotation, 100% of the rotation is $800″

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started, Here’s how it works;

  • Advertisers must sign an insertion order.  Send us email to request an Insertion order.
  • All ads must be paid for in advance.  We accept payment via check or Money order, electronic funds transfer, PayPal, and credit cards.  We usually get you started within 24 hours of your initial contact.
  • We can display all types of banners, including static and animated GIF’s and flash banners.  Please contact us with your requirements.
  • You may rotate as many as eight ads in your spot, and change your ads as often as necessary.
  • All advertisers receive an on-line account that lets them access the number of impressions and clickthroughs produced during the current month at any time they wish.  This on-line advertising report is available 24/7, and Is updated in real time.

We want to work with you, and we want to promote your product or service!  If you have questions or need more information, please send an email to

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