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Learning how to build your own swimming pool is easier than you think!

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Because we know Swimming Pools!
  • Eighteen years in construction doing Outdoor Environment Designs, Build and Project Management.
  • General Manager for Southern California’s Largest Phase Contractor serving over 250 Pool Builders.
  • Member IPSSA (Pool and Spa Service-mans Association) Since 1994
  • Twenty One years experience as a Service tech to both Commercial and Residential Swimming Pools.
  • Construction Outdoor Design Consultant and Project Plan Development for over 1000+ Families!
How to use our Services to  SAVE BIG!
  • Hardcore D-I-Y’r Join and learn using our videos to draw your own designs and plans and use our simple Project Management tools, saving 30% – 40%.  Always available to our members to purchase custom pool plans and engineering and have our team create your plans for you.
  • Not so Hardcore D-I-Y’r BUT YES I DO enjoy saving 30% – 40%.  Join as a member and select Upgrade #1 City Ready Pool Plans.  If you have a Design or Plan, Email it to us and let our team create a cost analysis building the project yourself using our program tools.  Since 2006 we have helped hundreds of families with a 100% success rate! Other “How to sites” Provide a very basic knowledge and/or only show you the pool they had built… We are the leaders in personal service to the Owner-Builder.

Other “How to sites” Provide a very basic knowledge and/or only show you the pool they had built…   We are the leaders in personal service to the Owner-Builder.

HowtoBuildyourownPool.com continues to assist the home-owner with unlimited questions for the lifetime of our client and/or members.  Before during and after your project, we will be here!  Before you build, visit our custom “Pool Shapes” gallery for ideas.  If you have a design or photo that you wish to know the Owner-Builder cost, simply email those docs and any bids for that work and let us evaluate the difference FREE for you so you know what your savings should be.  All shapes on our site can be customized for your property.  Our plans are City Ready for you to quickly obtain a permit for your project.  In fact, as our reviews show…many of our clients tell us the building depts. Love our plans!  Our packages also provide a total of (10) Ten blueprint copies for the bidding process, we also provide you with a Pdf. Copy to use when calling our exclusive list of subs for a bid.

*CITY READY POOL PLANS *provides architectural drawings, fully noted and ready for permits, calculates complete job cost projections, helps you acquire structural engineering, these are just a few membership and/or client advantages.  Members are able to download our detailed color guide book to follow along with the licensed, insured phase contractor, as well as many construction documents, and so much more!

The bottom line is, why pay someone $7,500 for what you can get with a membership here?  Our members have all saved; Time, Money and Frustration from delays.  Join or call today and see why many Families use HowToBuildYourOwnPool.com

  • High Quality Custom Designs for swimming pools and spas, and entire back yards!
  • Hardscape Designs including front entry ways, Outdoor Kitchens and Custom Covers.
  • Quality assurance program for construction using our proven management outline rated by our Clients.
  • Owner Builder/Swimming Pool Sub-Contractor List Exclusive to Clients/Members.
  • Construction safeguards by clear notations and Contractor Note details.
  • Program package to insure fair biding from contractors.
  • Safeguards to avoid being taken by the sales pitch.
  • Soils and compaction assurance guidelines in area that are a concern.
  • Complete project management outline, created to simplify the process.
  • Negative Edge and Zero Edge pool designs.
  • Interactive pool designs and features.
  • Feasibility analysis.
  • Cost valuation analysis.
  • Bonding and Certification requirements.

Here are some facts that may interest you!

Less than 5% of Pool Contractor Brokers have in-house crews.  That’s right, brokers that buy fancy ads and sub-out 100% of the project.  The risks are if the broker-contractor takes your payments and fails to pay his hired subs that did your work, in many cases you the home-owner are still responsible and liable to pay that sub.  The rules in Calif. allow a sub or supplier to send you a preliminary Lien notice within 20 days of his/her starting services on your property.  Why not skip the risks, hire the company direct and pay them after the work is done directly?

Save as much as $7,500 on an average project, and as much as $25,000 or more on a high-end project. Here’s what we do that helps you keep that savings in your pocket, while you get the same or better pool that you would get from most pool companies.

You  can schedule your own pool faster than pool companies.  You have only one pool to build while they may have many.  You can be far more flexible in your scheduling than a pool company.  See our reviews – Fastest Build by members 28 days! – Riverside Calif. Client in 2016 Large job, Done in 30 Days…ask me how! Its easy.

Know who will be in your backyard and when.  The pool project will advance at *YOUR* speed and not at the convenience of the pool company.  You can plan around *YOUR *schedule, make arrangements for the dog, etc. There are no surprises.  You get to choose the subcontractors based on quality and reputation, rather than accept whomever the pool company chooses, which may be based on the lowest cost.

As  an  owner/builder,  you  have  the  freedom  to *CHOOSE QUALITY* to meet both your long and short term goals, rather than accept what  is best for the pool companies bottom line.  *City Ready Pool Plans* offers expertise in all areas of pool decisions, including plumbing, Chlorination Systems, Salt or UV, decking designs and color options, pool maintenance and more.  *City Ready Pool Plans* will educate you so that you can select the highest quality options that meet *YOUR* bottom line.  We have a proven record!

As an owner/builder, you benefit from having individual warranties from each subcontractor instead of a single warranty from a pool company.  By choosing a single individual sub-contractor for each phase, the home-owner can make payment directly to suppliers for material and payments to the individual for labor insuring no lien rights exist.

Our proven history in the community is one of complete transparency.  Facebook posts of client’s projects and Yelp – We know we must deliver, or the reviews will head south.  The savings are real!  I become friends with every client, but I must be honest, the stay-at-home moms that have used this program to get the right pool at the right price have far and above been a testimony to my program! Girl Power!

Our design experience, know how, and list of licensed professionals that can carry it through for you, with little inconvenience, is why so many families choose us.

Thank you, for your consideration and we look forward to working with you on your project.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

“Be the Contractor you can Trust the most”

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