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Pool Care Tips

Hiring a professional to care for your swimming pool has never been easier.  Our highly knowledgeable swimming pool professionals and service technicians are just one click away. Get a Quote

Clean, clear water is so refreshing on a hot day!  Home-owners that provide regular routine maintenance realize a much higher satisfaction of swimming pool ownership.  Less breakdowns and unexpected repairs.  Below we provide a general guide to swimming pool care and maintenance, along with some of the most commonly asked questions.

Q-My swimming pool is new and filling with water.
A-Never shut off the water and re-start filling your swimming pool until it is filled to midway up the tile. Fill the spa first, then the pool. Do not allow the water to spill from the spa as a way of filling the pool. Place the hose with a towel around the end as not to mark the plaster. Stopping and starting the filling process will leave a ring around the plaster. Always consult your contractor for guidelines.

Q-Who does the start-up of our new pool?
A– It is recommended that a qualified swimming pool technician perform this first start-up. Ask your plaster contractor if they have a certified tech.  If not, you are welcome to arrange a facetime call with me to walk you through the service steps.  Programming your Easy Touch controller can easily be done by calling Pentair Tech Support at (800) 831-7133.

Q-How soon will we be able to use our new pool?
A-Upon the complete start-up of your new swimming pool including chemical balance and instructions, your contractor will release the pool for use.  It is recommended that the filter run until all the particulates are removed from the pool.  Once this is complete, clean your filter.  The mortar in plaster reacts to the water leaving a chalk like silt that should be brushed, freed and removed.  Start brushing the day after the pool is full.  The auto vacuum does a great job.  Brush often as not to allow path marks of the rollers/pads of the vacuum to be seen in the plaster.  Spa and pool heaters should not be used within the first week of cure time.  Always consult your contractor for guidelines for your plaster type.

Q-How often should the filter be cleaned?
A- Filters have a pressure gauge at the top. The pressure upon start of a clean filter should be noted.  Use a sharpie to mark the lens cover of the beginning pressure.  Running clean pressure should be around 10-15psi.  The running pressure rises as debris enters the filter. Upon the increase of pressure by 10-15psi, remove the grids, wash and replace.  See your owner’s manual for guidelines and instruction of your type filter. Our list of professionals will provide this service and more!

Q-How often should I add Chemicals?
A-Chemical balance is important to your health and the safeguarding of the swimming pool equipment and masonry.  Tile build up increases as imbalance is allowed.  Use a guardex swimming pool test kit or take a water sample to your neighbourhood pool store for instruction.

Q-How can I remove dust from my pool surface?
A– Use liquid dish soap.  Stand at the edge of your pool and sling in the liquid soap to three areas of the water’s surface.  Shallow, middle and deep ends of the pool.

Swimming Pool Chemistry Guide

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Our highly knowledgeable swimming pool professionals and service technicians are just one click away. Get a Quote

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