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Getting a pool built in a yard isn't rocket science.

DIY in-ground pool designs & plans

Homeowners across America have discovered shows that cater to the Do-It-Yourselfer and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.  Ratings have never been higher for these programs, because after all, who among us wouldn’t want to save a few bucks!  These shows give us an insight into the processes that we would otherwise never have a chance to see.  After several years in this industry, I began to see a trend.  This trend was that people were finding out from friends and neighbors that getting a pool built in a yard wasn’t rocket science.

In fact, those that did take the non-traditional path found that they could afford “Way More Pool”

At the beginning of my career I had worked for a guy in my town drawing and selling projects for him.  The man I worked for had developed a great list of everyone it took to make this business happen for him from excavators, plumbers and masons.  Then it donned on me that all the sales crews were knowledgeable designers and the owner had almost no experience in any of the trades.  He was just a good business man.

Of course when people said “They were going to build their own pool” to save money, it didn’t mean that they were going to do the physical work, it meant that they were simply going to act as the GC (General Contractor) like this guy was doing from the chair in his office.

Most homeowners reading this at some point in the discussion might ask, “How do I know, with almost no experience, that what is getting done… is what should get done”?

I’m so glad you asked!  It starts by hiring a company with a proven reputation of successful clients.  City Ready Pool Plans (my company) has that proven record.  City Building Departments in many counties have told my clients, “These are the best pool plans we see come across our counter”.  I used to hear that when taking them in myself years ago also.  I’ve always believed that if you start with the right plan, so will go the project.  The contractors on my list are hand-picked.  These are companies, for the most part, I have worked with for two decades.  If you use the program I have created and follow it step-by-step, line-by-line, you too can “Be the Contractor you can Trust the most”

Below are instructions of what we need to create your custom plans.  But in general, it starts with you and I discussing what you want.  Or if you have a plan design shape that you have obtained and it is one you like or maybe needs slight changes, email these documents to me.  Together we will develop the design and plan that fits your family and budget perfectly.  Since 2006, I have helped hundreds of families just like yours.

New Plan

In fact, in 2014 I had a client that lived-in Australia.  He had a property in the Philippines he was moving to at a later date.  His brother-In-Law (in the Philippines) over saw the program and construction and the pool came out perfect. Here I show the plan, and completed project.


Now you might be wondering who is responsible for these crews?  Each Subcontractor specializes in a trade.  These companies hire themselves out to many builders/homeowners not just one.  They are required to be licensed and insured and specialize in their scope and trade.  Some states require the companies that have employees to carry workers-compensation.  Each phase contractor runs his or her business as a professional to gain standing in the community.  The nice thing is, these companies like bidding directly to you, the homeowner, for several reasons but the main reason is getting paid upon completion.

Equipment sold at Wholesale to our clients that purchase three or more of our upgrade programs online and all of our “Exclusive In Home Plan Design Clients”.

This alone, aside from the savings going direct to each sub-contractor, is roughly $3,500 – $4,500 below retail in most cases.  All New, Full Warrantees and in many cases delivery is FREE!

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