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Many of our clients have heard the horror stories of builders taking too long, charging too much and designing a plan that only fit the builder’s abilities.  Are you ready to finally get what you want and have the help to see your project through to the end?  Look no further.  City Ready Pool Plans has the proven reputation for delivering satisfaction and good ol honest customer service that has always been hard to get from the builders.  Our mission is to provide high quality designs, to include project scope and details that insure each sub-contractor is clear on the choices you have made, here is what we offer;

  • Once you have hired us, we come to your home for a design meeting.
  • We review best fit locations of Pool, Spa and Equipment and other features.
  • Our expert designer will utilize onsite measurements to create a custom plan draft design for your approval.
  • Once approved, we move to the construction plan phase and engineering.
  • A two week turn-around time is required to complete this process.
  • On our second visit we bring the completed program including ALL documents for the client to take to the city building dept. for permitting phase.
  • We review our exclusive 25 point easy-to-follow, step-by-step program.
  • Exclusive Sub Contractors List of Licensed and Insured Contractors.
  • Our detailed list and quote for Direct BUY Wholesale Pool Equipment ALL New with full warrantees.

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We have Hundreds of families just like yours that saved 30%-40% building their own pool, and here are just a few, to share their stories.

Super happy with our decision to use Jesse Oren and city ready pool plans.  We were able to get much more for our money and we still aren’t done!  I was sooooo scared to do it myself because it just seemed to good to be true.  But I couldn’t ignore all of the great reviews on Jesse’s Yelp and Facebook page.  I finally decided to roll the dice and it paid off big time!  For the cost of just a basic builder pool we were able to completely makeover our yard.  We still have money left for an outdoor kitchen and patio cover but it seems to be taking longer to do those projects than to build the pool. We highly recommend using the subs on Jesse’s list.  You won’t regret it!  Thanks for giving me the confidence to build my own pool and create my own little outdoor resort!

Elizabeth H – Grand Terrace

Elizabeth Grand Terrace California_site

We just finished building our own pool in Norco and We love it!!  So glad we did it this way.  Jesse was very helpful and always just a phone call away, even if we called at 6 am with questions, he was available for us!  With the step by step guide he gave us, it was actually very easy to do it myself!  It took us a total of 8 weeks 3 days from excavation day to start up and 3 of those weeks were down weeks because we were waiting for one of the contractors to fit us in his schedule.  Waiting for him was worth it because he did our micro pebble plaster!  When I was ready to do the pool I got 4 bids from reputable contractors and all the bids came in around 45 to 47k for the most basic pool because thats all we could afford!  Doing it ourselves, we got a Bigger pool and bigger spa, 36ft x 16ft and 8ft spa instead of 27ft x 15ft and 7ft spa which is what we got bids for from contractors, LED lights (3 in pool 1 in spa instead of 1 watt light in each) 4 deck jets, 10 jets in spa (my favorite is the foot one), micro pebble, extra umbrella sleeves, deep heat line, cantilever coping and colored and stamped concrete instead of standard gray and white safety grip coping, upgraded electrical panel and water lines for future developments, iphone control……..adding HALF of these upgrades with the contractors put my bid up to 56k…so definitely got a lot more bang for our buck and we are soo glad we did it this way!!!  We spent a total of 46k on the pool.  Thank you for everything Jesse Oren

Jessica P. Norco Calif.

Hernandez Pool

Having found a great house with over an acre of land, all that was left was a nice pool.  We met with 4 pool builders and none of them would build us exactly what we wanted.  Either they wanted to put it too close to the house or they would tell us our options are too expensive for our budget.  Knowing that pool builders just hire subcontractors to do the work, I decided to check the internet, where I found howtobuildyourownpool.com.  Everything in this site is exactly what you need to do it yourself.  Add the YouTube videos and it’s easy to see each step of the process. Working with Jesse and City Ready Pool Plans, we designed the perfect pool in the exact location, with all the options we wanted.  With plans in hand, I called and emailed the drawings for bids from the various trades.  Most would say that the drawings are some of the best they’ve seen.  Anytime I had a question, Jesse was quick to answer. He even Facetimed me to help me understand how the valves work.  We now have an amazing pool and saved well over $30k.  The pool is almost complete except for the slide.  This was an easy process that can save you a lot of money.  I live south of Dallas, Texas in a small country town, this can be done anywhere.  I highly recommend City Ready Pool Plans.

Bob G – Middleton, Texas

Bob Middleton Texas

Jesse with City Ready Pool Plans has given us more than 100% of his commitment to get us what we desired.  His availability at all the times helped us make decisions as we moved on with our building plan.  Of course not to mention that we saved significant chunk of money at every phase of pool building, that would go to pool contractor otherwise.  We will be able to use this saved money towards upgraded features on our pool with Laminars, Additional water falls and landscaping.  I am looking forward to see the end product, after all the phases have finished.  I know Jesse will be available as needed through out the rest of the process to help us make decisions as needed.  Jesse,We appreciate your services and thank you for being there for us.

Ashish B – Eastvale Calif.

Ashish East Vale

The process here in Florida requires additional hydraulics documents added to the engineering.  Jesse provided these extra documents and a detailed plan that allowed me to build and save thousands of dollars.  To most of us that embark on this scale of a home improvement we are conditioned to automatically think someone else needs to be the overseer of our project to insure it gets done right, I am so glad i chose this route that allowed me to hire and pay the direct price. Each sub contractor was very professional and helpful.

Blan T. Bonita, Springs Florida

Blan Taylor

Last year we decided to embark on getting a pool for our family.  We were hesitant in going with a standard pool contractor due to costs and time frames to do our project.  The costs we originally were getting were around 75k to do the pool and spa with the time to do the construction being at least 8 weeks! We started to search the Internet on doing it yourself and what that would take.  Needless to say that was a bit overwhelming.  Upon further investigation we ran across Jesse’s website for City Ready Pool Plans.  We met with Jesse, gave him our ideas and he did the plans and got a great listings on subcontractors to do the work.  Bottom line is we got the pool we wanted, for 37k (saving about 50%)!!  Also, since we stayed on top of the project and the schedule we established, we initially dug the pool and were swimming in it, in 26 DAYS!!

All in all, we were very pleased with the end result and Jesse’s vast knowledge of how to get this done. I would highly recommend him and his company City Ready Pool Plans.

Tony J. Eastvale, Calif.

Tony East Vale

Our family wanted a pool in our backyard for years but we thought it was not affordable.  We had many estimates for “basic” pools and were solely disappointed each and every time.  Finally, we discovered City Ready Pool Plans!  We were a little intimidated at first, but Jesse made us feel at ease from the get go!  He was always only a phone call away whenever we had questions or needed assistance.  We used the list of contractors and all were great and did fantastic work.  I orchestrated most of the bids right from my desk at work by emailing plans to the various contractors.  Our pool was ready to dive into in a mere 6 weeks!!  We saved lots of money and instead of waiting months for the “general contractor’s” subs to finish numerous other jobs, we kept the ball rolling by taking charge and building our own pool.  Not only that, we got a lot of the “extras” we wanted for less than the cost of a “basic” pool.  It was so easy and rewarding!!  We got so much pool for our money and absolutely enjoy our backyard. We would not hesitate to do it again!!! 🙂

Shannon R. Corona

Shannon Corona

My family and I have always wanted a swimming pool, but I was always worried about the cost.  After checking with some pool contractors, and seeing how expensive that was, I did some checking on the internet to see the feasibility of building my pool myself.  That’s when I found Jessie at City Ready Pool Plans.  It was the best thing I ever did regarding the construction of my pool.  From beginning to end, Jessie’s program had it covered step by step.  From getting plans approved, to every one of his sub-contractor’s along the way, it was a no hassle pleasant experience. Every subcontractor from beginning to end was knowledgeable, considerate, and did it my way.  I was able to negotiate a great deal with every subcontractor.  And the end result?  A great looking custom swimming pool for a fraction of the cost of using a pool contractor.  And the nicest thing of it all was Jessie was always there.  Every text, phone, email, when I had a question on how to proceed, Jessie either answered on the spot or got back to me immediately.  I now have a beautiful custom swimming pool within my budget, that I would have been uncomfortable paying the extra costs to a pool contractor.  And it was done my way, and done right.  As far as I’m concerned, this is the only way to build a swimming pool.  If you want to talk to me, or see my pool, ask Jessie for my phone number.  I’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have as a future customer.  I’m a very satisfied past customer, and I’d be happy to tell you more about my great experience with City Ready Pools is.

Tony B. Hemet

Tony California

In June of 2015 my wife and I contacted a few local pool builders to get a pool quote for a specific style of pool we wanted.  After receiving a couple of bids upwards of 135+ we decided to look into the possibly of building our own pool.  We contacted Jessie from City Ready Pool Plans.  Upon our first contact he was very through and patient with us.  After deciding to go with Jesse he sat down with us and listen to our ideas and thoughts.  Within a week he provided us with a rough draft of our pool plans.  We made a few adjustments and he applied them into our plans. He gave us all of our certified/ engineered pool plans.  I took them to the city to pull our pool permits and was kind of expecting to have some form of correction needing to be made on the plans.  To my surprise not one correction was needed to be made and within 30 minutes I was out the door with a set of city approved pool plans ready to be constructed.  I began sending off my pool plans via email to various contractors Jessie provided.  Within a week we were digging a hole and the rest was history.  The list of contractors he provided were all knowledgeable and easy to work with.  We had a couple of delays, but that was done because we made a few color changes after the rock and tile went up (Our fault).  Our pool construction timeline was approximately 4 months long.  It would have been done a month earlier but we had three separate days of rain that cause our backyard to flood.

All in all, Jessie is very knowledgeable and experienced in his field.  Each time I called him throughout the process he was quick to answer the phone and answer my questions.  At no time did he become inpatient with me or give the perception I was bothering him.  We are extremely happy on how our pool turned out and we cannot wait until the summer so we can use it more with the kids.

I would ABSOLUTELY use and recommend Jesse’s business.  As for our cost savings we ended spending approximately 85-90 grand which is a far cry from the original quote we got from some of thepoolcontractors.

Bob M., Eastvale Calif.

Bob East Vale

My husband and I had a couple of pool builders give us a quote on a pool and spa for our backyard.  Both quotes were a little over budget, and still not exactly what we wanted.  We didn’t want to settle for less, and I’m glad we didn’t have to.  I came across City Ready Pool Plans, and so glad we did.  Jesse worked with us every step of the way, and never did we feel left in the dark.  Jesse was professional and really nice to work with while building our pool.  As a stay at home Mom to 5 children, I myself did 90 percent of the work without my husband since he was busy with work, its really that simple!  We contacted Jesse , we let him know what we wanted in design and features, got our city ready plans started, bids, etc.  With all the money savings, we were able to afford extra’s such as a waterfall, pebble tec plaster, salt water system, and rock coping.  All my contractors were awesome, and we passed all city inspections without any problems.  Our pool was finished in 6 weeks, and we are very happy with the end results.  My kids are all smiles. We are now enjoying our new pool, and creating memories to last a lifetime. Thank you, Jesse!

Jennifer Z, Fontana Calif.

Jennifer Fontana

My wife and I were considering installing a pool so we called various pool builders and were not impressed with the designs nor the cost associated with them.  As I was searching for pool builders I came across City Ready Pool Plans. I read what they were about and I decided to give Jesse a call.  He was prompt in his response and listened to what I was looking for.  I told him what my budget was and he designed a pool according to the parameters I gave him.  He was considerate when suggesting certain options and explained why I should go with them yet he didn’t try to push anything on me.  I took the plans in to the city the day after Jesse gave them to me and they were stamped the same day.  In fact I had the excavator that was on Jesse’s list ready and on call to confirm that he was clear to start because the permit was issued without incident.  I followed his step by step process and had all the various trades ready to start as another trade finished.  All in all it took me 9 weeks to get my pool done from start to finish including the week and a half of rain we had.  There were one or two trades that were very busy and couldn’t meet my schedule so I found those trades outside of Jesse’s network of contractors which I think is a plus part of the program.  You are not just dead set on having to use those contractors on the list, although they are the prefered contractors Jesse explains that in the beginning, “You don’t have to use these contractors but I do recommend them.” At the end of it all I saved about 15-17 thousand dollars from the price that was being quoted to me by pool contractors.  This method may seem intimidating but I promise you it isn’t.  Jesse also makes himself available to speak with you and guide you through an issues you may feel you are having.  Anytime I called Jesse he answered his phone and took the time to answer my questions or concerns.  If you are looking to build a pool and are looking to save money then do yourself a favor and call Jesse Oren, you will be glad you did.

Louis V., Murrieta

Louis Murrieta

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