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Design Choices for Swimming Pool Finishes

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White Plaster – Grey Plaster – 3M Quartz – Pebble Coat – Micro Pebble

Over the past several years, new products have been introduced to the pool industry and consumer to choose from for the interior finish. Below we focus the basic differences and how pool chemicals affect them. These are just a few reasons to take a closer look at your options and the reasons to choose these products.

  • Marbleized White Plaster – has its pluses and minuses. First standard plaster is very smooth to the touch and booty sitting in the spa.
  • It usually will last 15-20 years if taken care of by proper pool water balance and timely dirt removal.
  • White plaster has its down falls too, It shows dirt easily and has a higher ability to stain. Dirt stains and metal stains show up if this product is not well maintained. Ph and hardwater must be closely watched.
  • Grey Plaster – or black colored plaster will increase your swimmable season by keeping the water temps higher earlier and later into the season.
  • The down side to adding color to white plaster is over time it bleaches out and the pool floor can sometimes show streaking.
  • 3M Quartz Plaster – is an additive to standard plaster colors of plaster mix to increase the life span of the finish. What breaks down basic plaster is the muriatic acid (Ph) of the pool water. 3M increases life span 4-7 years.
  • Pebble Coat – Micro Pebble Finishes – These finishes are like choosing Granit or Quartz to a kitchen. The product is just about built proof to wear and chemicals affecting this type of material because the plaster is mixed with mini color blends of rock. Micro pebble/pebble Fina is the latest finishes to hit the industry with very high praises due to how smooth it is.



National® Brand Tile

A Tile
2×2, 6×6 Solids, Botanical, Catania 6×6, Constellation, Yosemite, Dekota, Ferrara 6×6, Harmony, Kaleidoscope, Luciana, Marine Field, Mediterranean, Moonbeam, Portofino, Reflections, Ribbon, Rockscapes, Seven Seas 6×6, Sierra Mountain 6×6, Travertino Blend 3×3

B Tile
1×1, Akron Field 3×3, Avalon 6×6, Discovery Field, Espana 2×2, Europe, Mystique, New Tulip, Rope &New Wave, Raku 6×6, Silverstone 6×6, Travertino Blend 1×1, Tuscany 6×6, Yucatan 6×6

C Tile
Aztec 6×6, Bellagio 6×6, Borrego, California Dolphins, Del Mar, Desert Rose 6×6, Discovery & Accents, Hibiscus, Himalaya 6×6, Inca 3×3, India & Imola 6×6, Martinique, Nebula, New Dolphin, Powerstone Imola 6×6, Riptide, Sea Bluff, Shabui Imola 6×6, Sierra Mountain 3×3, Star Dust, Travertino Pattern, Venus, Verona

D Tile
Carrera 6×6, Espana 2×2, Iberia, Island Breeze 3×3

E Tile
Avalon 2×2, Aztec 2×2, Himalaya 2×2, Island Breeze Deco, La Granito, Raku 2×2, Tibet 2×2, Tranquility, Tuscany 2×2

F Tile

G Tile
Island Breeze 6×6, Stargazer, Tropical

Price Varies
Avalon Deco, Aztec Deco, Bellagio Deco, Ferrara Deco, India & Imola Deco, Powerstone Imola Deco, Raku Deco, Shabui Imola Deco, Sierra Mountain Deco, Silverstone Deco, Tibet Deco, Travertino Deco, Tuscany Deco, Yucatan Deco



Portobello® Brand Tile

A Tile

B Tile
African Slate 6×6, Bahamas 3×3, Beaches, Crystaline, Eclipse, Empire, Galaxi, Gevea Stone, Illusions 3×3, Indian Slate 6×6, Jerusalem Stone, Mariner 2×6, Marmore 3×3, Mediterraneo 6×6, Mestre Antica, Oceania 6×6, Pebblestone, Pompeii, Rainforest 3×3, Ridgestone 3×3, Sovereignty 3×3, Tahoe, Tropic Isles 3×3, Tropic Isles 6×6, Typhoon, Venetian 3×6, Water Colours

C Tile
Bahamas 6×12, Marmore 6×12, Monterey, Pietra di Toscana, Pompeii Border, Rainforest Border 1×1, Ridgestone 3×6, Ridgestone Border, Tropic Isles Border

E Tile
Indian Slate Mosaic 3×3

G Tile
Pietra di Toscana Mosaic 2×2

H Tile
Cool Gems, Empire Mosaic 2×2, Gevea Border, Mediterraneo Mosaic 2×2, Mestre Antica Mosaic 2×2, Tahoe Mosaic 2×2, Water Colours Mosaic 2×2

I Tile
African Slate Border 2×2, African Slate Mosaic 2×2, Beaches Border 1×1, Diamante Mosaic 3×4.8, Indian Border 2×2, Indian Slate Mosaic 2×2, Luna Border, Oceania Border 1×1, Quadrato Border, Sole Border

Price Varies
African Slate Cutout, African Slate Deco, Bahamas Deco, Beaches Cutout, Beaches Deco, Cool Jewels, Crystaline Deco, Empire Deco, Gevea Deco, Illusions Deco, Indian Slate Deco, Indian Slate Glass Insert, Jerusalem Asti Deco, Marmore Deco, Mestre Antica Deco, Mestre Antica Mosaic with Insert, Oceania Cutout, Oceania Deco, Pebblestone Deco, Pompeii Deco, Rainforest Deco, Ridgestone Deco, Sovereignty Deco, Tahoe Deco, Trinity Deco, Tropic Isles Deco TIB, Tropic Isles Deco TIM, Water Colours Deco



Fujiwa® Brand Tile

A Tile
1×1 PEB, Alex 3×3, Bali, Celica 2×2, Galaxy, Jasper, KVP 3×3, Kyoto, Marina, Mascot, Niagara, Osaka, Radiance 3×3, Reef 3×3, Rivera, Saturn, Sierra, VIP x3

B Tile
1×1 Joya, 1×1 PAD, 1×1 TAP, Ande, Ardesia, Ariz, FGM, Frontier, Fuoco, Granady, Hawaii, Kama, KHR, Koln, Lark Mak-Akron, Marmi Antichi, MVP 3×3, Overland, Overland 2×2, Paris, Patina, Progetti, Rione, Sandstone, Sydney, Tribes, Yuca

C Tile
Alco, Pebble Stone, Sara

E Tile
Joya 300 3×3, STS 3×3

F Tile
Epica, Joya 500, Stak-Akron

G Tile
Aurora, Bohol, Joya 600 6×6, Rococo, Stardon, Stone Ledge, Yomba

Pebble Technology, Inc.® brand pool finishes

Each Pebble Tec product is available in three different pricing groups. Group I is the least expensive and Group III is the most expensive. Actual prices will depend on the size of your pool.



Pebble Tec® brand pool finish

Group I
Carribean Blue, Majestic Plum, Sandy Beach, Sedona Red, White Pearl

Group II
Black Marble, Black Pearl, Blue Lagoon, Crème de Menthe, Moonlight Grey, Soft White, Tahoe Blue

Group III
Emerald Bay, Jade, Jet Black, Midnight Blue, Sky Blue, Tropical Breeze



Pebble Sheen® brand pool finish

Group I
Aqua Blue, Desert Gold, French Grey, White Diamonds

Group II

Blue Granite, Bordeaux, Irish Mist

Group III

Arctic White, Black Onyx, Black Satin, Cool Blue, Ocean Blue, Prism Blue, Seafoam Green, Slate Blue, Turtle Bay



Pebble Fina® brand pool finish

Group I
Acquos, Classico, Grigio

Group II
Bella Blue, Cielo Blue

Pyrite (gold flecks) or sea shells may be added to Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen to enhance the beauty of your pool. These must be requested and do cost extra.

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