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How Much Can I Save?

How to build a swimming pool consulting & designs


The answer to that, from our records show, on average 30% – 40%.  Now having said that there are other factors that assist a person in negotiating price.  Your project scope plays a big part in this.  If you are building a huge project, you have more to save!  Using a sub contractor that is licensed in multiple phases also have saving advantages sold as a package deal.  When designing your pool on a budget, think of how long and often a feature will be utilized, like a pool slide.  If you have kids that are close to being 11 or 12, a slide will be great the first year but they will not want to be pictured on a facebook post again until they hit 18 and can act like a corn dog on the thing.  Rockslides are pricy too and we found a homeowner gets a real good bang for the buck if the kids are around 6 years old to 8 years old.

Here are some basic restrictions that some cities impose on a backyard pool.

  1. The water’s edge shall be a minimum of five (5) feet away from the property line.
  2. The water’s edge shall be a minimum of five (5) feet away from any window on the house.  If the pool encroaches within this area, then special tempered glass must be used for the windows.  This is to protect people if they should accidentally slip on a wet deck and fall into the window.
  3. A min clear non climbable 5’ wood, masonry, or wrought iron perimeter fence should enclose the pool area.
  4. All entry ways into the pool area needs to be protected by a self-close door or gate with a spring-loaded self-latching device.  The doors need to open outwardly.
  5. All windows accessing the pool area must also be latched with a minimum height of 54” to prevent small children from reaching it.  The locks should be keyed so you can remove it for safety.
  6. Each city and state have codes pertaining to pool equipment setbacks.
  • Play Pool – first off, this pool is for the kids.  Secondly, it’s for relaxation.  Great for playing volleyball.  Some choose this route because of having smaller children or fear of jumping off a roof.  A play pool Depth is 3.5’ – 5’ – 4’ depths.
  • Waterfall/Caves – Slides are also incorporated into waterfalls on a pool.  Hand carved gunite rocks or GFRC Castings are very popular in theme parks as they tend to look the most real.
  • Pebble-Tec – or Quartz is the industry’s best to offer.  Lets put it like this, I haven’t found one plaster company advertising tearing this out.  But you see many companies that replace standard plaster with Pebble.  I recommend Mini rock for delicate feet!
  • Spa – Perfect to isolate the water temperature to a steaming 103’ for those nights were you need to relax. Having a spa on a pool also increases the resale value as many people looking for a home with a pool look for the ones with a spa!
  • Baja Reef First Step – This might be used for your chase lounge or chair as the depth of these second steps are right at about 15”-18” deep.  Also, a safe place for you to sit with your little ones to play.  Don’t forget to have an umbrella cup added for your umbrella on those hot sunny days!
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