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Using our System! Save the 30 to 40%, nearly $7,500 on an average project and as much or more than $25,000 on a larger project. Membership is only $79.95. You’ll have access to my exclusive “Management Outline” – Pool Design and Plan Drawing Training Videos – The videos and documents, aid in project containment for swimming pool phase construction. You also have access to member upgrade features (listed below). Membership provides the training skills, upgrade features insures the member access to professional industry standard documents to aid in speeding up your project.

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  • My step-by-step guide to accurately measure your lot for your “City Ready Pool Plan”.
  • Email and Internet verification process using Satellite to view your property lines.
  • How to: step-by-step video series of each process, including drawing your own plans.
  • Choose and download up to (3) Three Full Color Custom Pool and Spa Shapes!
  • Access as a member to upgrades at the discounted rate including, Pool Engineering, Swimming Pool Equipment and our fully noted “City Ready Plans” done for you.
  • Our full color 100 page e-booklet showing the full process and basic codes from beginning to end.
  • Step-by-Step guide, where you start as you enter the backyard for the design process.
  • Placement techniques and Idea’s for best practice of your planters and walkways.
  • Water Chemistry 101 including safe-practice techniques that protect your investment.
  • Tips on where to buy wholesale materials and Pool Equipment for the Do-It-Yourselfer.
  • My Personal Exclusive Management Outline and documents on How to Build Your Own Pool.
  • Excel Sheets created for detailed bidding accuracy. And MORE!
  • 25 Point Check-off Pre and Post Phase walk through documents used by most builders!
  • Members Share, construction photos and progress, exchange project ideas and their SAVINGS stats!

Upgrade #1City Ready Pool Plans. Only $2500. Add to Cart

This program requires standard membership. In our Plan Services upgrade, choose from any of our standard pool shapes, pools from our gallery or if you prefer, we will draw a custom plan to fit your needs. All for just one low price! These plans are contained to the rear yard space for a maximum of 10,000sq’. Engineering details are extra (see upgrade#3). Your design can include Outdoor Cook areas, Fire-pits and Pathways, all included in this very low fee. We will aid you in gathering the correct information for what your local building dept. will require for the final plans, commonly called “The Blue Prints” or also commonly referred to as “A Pool Site Plan” View Sample Plan Here Owner-Builders are required to obtain their own permit from their city’s building and safety dept. This program comes with Ten (10) 18”x 24” or 24”x 36” City Ready, Noted plans for you to obtain permits which are detailed to aid in the bidding and building phases. It is up to you to contact your city’s building and safety dept. and request “Swimming Pool Building Requirements Forms”. [Assessors Map] [Swimming Pool Building Requirements] Document and email us the city pool building requirements and Assessors map showing your property (available from your building dept.), and dimensions (sample in download above) of the home as shown on this sample download. Call if you have any questions and we will be glad to assist you with this process. See upgrade #8

Upgrade #23D Custom Computer Model. Starting at only $399. Add to Cart

This program requires standard membership and our plan services feature listed above. With program feature upgrade #2, You receive a DVD 3D version moving throughout your back yard, seeing the entire project in 3D. With this DVD we show you your future backyard up close and life like. See what your new dream back yard will look like at night. See how elegant the area around your new pool will look with landscaping and lighting or with Patio Furniture, Fire-Pits, Barbeque and so much more! View example here

Upgrade #3 Swimming Pool Engineering. Only $299. Add to Cart

This program requires standard membership and our plan services feature listed above. With program feature upgrade #3, We assist you in obtaining Standard Pool Engineering for you project. Standard Swimming Pool engineering is commonly attached to the “Noted, City Ready Pool Plan”. Combined together, this completes what the city accepts at your city’s building and safety department. This will complete what you will need to be prepared for the permit and plan check submittal. We will need your “City Swimming Pool Building Requirements Form (sample)” from you. This form is obtained from your city’s “Building and Saftey Dept”. It is up to you to find this document and forward those required documents to us in aiding you to complete your plans.

Upgrade #4Special Detailed Swimming Pool Engineering. Add to Cart
This program requires standard membership and our plan services feature listed above. With program feature upgrade #4, We assist you in obtaining the special engineering for you project. Special Swimming Pool Engineering (cost depends on plan and site conditions) is also attached to the “Noted, City Ready Pool Plan”. Combined together with Standard Pool Engineering, Special Details would be for; swimming pools built within Slopes, Negative Edge Pools and special features like Caissons, Rock Waterfalls and Rock-slides to name a few, that would necessitate special swimming pool engineering. Not to worry, we make every effort to assist our clients in this area. Special Swimming Pool Eng. costs may vary and are based upon each additional detail required by the engineer. Special Engineering is additional structural requirements addressed and implemented at the Steel reinforcing Phase of the building process.

Upgrade #5 Manage your project like the pros guide Only $399. Add to Cart

This program requires standard membership and Upgrade #1 City Ready Pool Plans.With program upgrade feature #5 you receive our exclusive
detailed specification package and management guide program that has been used by our clients with great success. We understand that choosing to
build your own swimming pool comes with many questions. You will be using the most successful step by step guide known in the industry. Our proven
results of the success of this document is found on our yelp page from reviews our clients share.

Upgrade #6 Bid Review. Only $399. Add to Cart

This program requires standard membership. With program feature upgrade #6, Exclusive to our clients, homeowners submit their proposals for each phase. We review your plans and bid proposals, up to four of your favorite pool contractors for each phase, and we establish offer comparisons of the following which we email to you: Product description, Design value of utilized space, Value of cost recommendations of features, equipment products and recommend if and where appropriate changes and counter offers that will benefit both you and the builder. Cost effective ways to enhance the end result of your project!

Upgrade #7Bids Direct. Only $599. Add to Cart

This program requires standard membership and our plan services feature and engineering upgrade #1 and #3 listed above. With Program Upgrade #7
Exclusive to our members, Home-Owners submit their plans we create “DIRECTLY” to each phase contractor for a bid – Thus the term (Bids Direct) and receive direct bids from our exclusive list of well known Licensed/Bonded Swimming Pool Phase Contractors used by most pool builders. We have a list of phase contractors in many states – You select – You choose and hire directly – Other DIY companies only provide a drawing and tell you “Good Luck” We are the Leaders since 2006 with the most reviews! Contractors cannot pay to be on this list – Our Clients Rate the performance of contactors and Share outcomes on Yelp! –
(Yelp is owned by Jeremy Stoppelman – JEOren Enterprises Inc is not responsible for content on Yelp) – Be the Contractor that you can trust the most!
PLAN – CHOOSE – HIRE – BUILD Save 30%-40%
The American Way!!

Upgrade #8Measuring and Elevation Assistance. $399. Add to Cart

This program requires standard membership and our plan services feature listed above. With program feature upgrade #8, We assist you at your home with the Design process, Measurement verification and verifying existing elevations using a laser transit. This feature is most commonly needed for a client obtaining plans to build in a hillside or a client with an un-graded space to be used for the project site. We do cover finding basic elevation techniques in our Members only area. Membership fees do not include airfare plus expenses if required, $199. per day. Local clients within 70 Miles round trip of Temecula Calif. pay the per day rate. Clients beyond 75 mile round trip, add $1.50 per map-quest mile.

Upgrade #9Commercial Swimming Pool Design. Add to Cart

Please contact us for more information.
All plan services require payment in full and e-mail/fax client approval form and membership verification. All Plans shipped by FedEx with email confirmation and tracking number included. Delivery fees (outside California) are based upon your state/country. Delivery fees (outside California) for plans are in addition to the program fees listed above. All added fees for delivery will be reflected in your email request for payment. Please be sure to note, if ship to address is different than your bill to address.

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