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Orange County Pool Plans


Orange County Pool Plans - How To Build Your Own Pool

Swimming Pool Plans – When Building a Pool In the O.C.

Swimming Pool Plan designs in Orange County are required to include a report and recommendation from a Geotechnical Engineer when the swimming pool will be built within 15’ of slope. This will be one of two (2) Engineers required to weigh in on the swimming pool structure being proposed in plan form to the Building Dept. for review. The Structural Engineer is the second to review the recommendations by the Geotechnical Engineer and apply the appropriate details for the excavator, steel rebar company and the Shotcrete/Gunite company. These Engineers make the final determinations of the shell construction.

Geotechnical Engineering is the branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behavior of earth materials, The Structural Engineer is everything related to the structure itself.

The testing of soils conditions are very important to the homeowner and the builder.

The soils engineer takes the responsibility for the structure where it is to be built and to be a sound structure once built on the area after his or her recommendations have been made and completed. Having both Engineers agree, the next step is to prepare the documents to submit to the building department for the official record and permitting process. Details are attached to the site plan for the process.
Now with that lesson out of the way, What has presented itself as a part of the process of “Living in the O.C.” is swimming pools have gone from being somewhat affordable to something only the rich can enjoy.

This has come upon the families of this beautiful county over many years of which I grew up in and from many unfortunate avoidable circumstances.

Pool Builders having zero experience in this area, have placed pools in the ground without the proper due diligence then resulting in structural issues that sadly get resolved in our court system.

So as a result, the first engineer to the plan process has saw the need to over compensate (in some cases) to protect the homeowner, The Pool Builder and mostly their longevity in the community.

So, reading this you are probably thinking to yourself, I get that. As a homeowner you would like to trust that your investment has been assured by only the best.

Having made swimming pool design and construction my life I can say I know some of the best of the best of the best. I am where I am today from having these relationships with many uncompromising Contractors, Engineers, and from that I can say my clients benefit greatly!

But what if I told you that some Geotechnical Engineers have chosen to blanket the whole, to insure their standing.

In other words…. require you to spend 5 to 10X more in this one area of the pool construction process, just so they have security when they provide their services.

This sadden me, but I understand the back story.

So, what can a person do wanting to maximize cost and actual site needs?

How can you be sure you are making the right choice?,

It is important to know the background of that Geotechnical Engineer and lawsuit history. Second opinions are extremely important and could possibly save you thousands of dollars. Even if you are paying Two Geotechnical Engineers.

Most Structural Engineers have an impressive list of Geotechnical Engineers on hand. Just like asking your neighbors who provides the best and most responsible services when looking for a plumber, those in long standing in your community that provide the parts to the process will gladly recommend the best and most honest suited person.

The key word here is, “Long Standing.”

Great Swimming Pools Happen by Design!

Best Regards,
And good luck on your project please let us know how we can help!

Jesse Oren

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Orange County Pool Plans

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