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Building a Pool is Not Rocket Science


Great swimming Pools Happen By Design!

Great Swimming Pools Happen By Design!

Just the other day I was looking though Google for articles on this very topic. I came across one article from a national pool builder known for one of the industry’s biggest scams on the consumer. In this article, they go on to tell the owner-builder; Building your own pool will not save you a single dime. Really, So where do the funds come from to pay for your building, the cost to advertise, the redundant liability insurance a pool builder carries. Well that’s just non-sense. Here is a little back ground on this pool builder and how they maximized profit as they started years ago and set out to create a franchise and to be a leader in the industry. I recall having some interaction with this company several years back.

One day I received a call from one of the franchisees and he wasn’t very happy with me. It was back in the day when I worked for a re-plastering company, but I also owned one of the largest residential and commercial pool service companies at the time. When a person calls to have a pool re-plastered, most of the time during the bidding process it becomes a time when both the home-owner and the plastering company would discuss if the home-owner would like to keep any of the un-necessary items sold to the home-owner sold to them by the pool builder salesman. Lol – Yes, you read that right. Swimming Pool Sales people are on commission. Back in the early 80’s during the construction boom, Building your own pool was not that common. But it was the time when the industry was developing many new things and additional stuff to sell the consumer. One was, the in-ground-floor cleaning systems.

The premise was, they would place pop up heads in the floor of the pool and these pop up heads would spray water like a sprinkler head, in theory being synchronized as so it would move the dirt to the lowest point of the pool to the main drain. The main drain would then pull the dirt into the plumbing pipes and finally into the filer. Now these were being sold at an extra cost of $5,000.00. One problem, the design of a swimming pools main drain does not have direct suction. I never did. The pipe is an equalizing line that meets the front port of the skimmer and only draws at best, a mild 30% flow across the pipe. So as a salesman for the re-plastering company, I would be asked by home-owners all year long….”Please remove that no good Blah Blah Blah…. Home-owners would ask me, why would a pool salesman “sale” something that would never work? So in sharing the details I guess word got to the source and from that came this call to me.

What I found funny, was it appeared this famous leading state builder thought he would just call and inform me I didn’t know what I was saying please stop.. Lol Really!
After a min or so, I shared with him how pool plumbing works and by the end of the call I think he learned something. In fact his company had to respond to the client in question and install a flow-line spray over the main drain port to cause lift to increase the flow over the suction port of the skimmer to direct more water to pull from the main drain as to create lift in hopes to lift the grains of sand and soil building up in the main drain. Since that call I have seen less and less sales people “plus selling” this scam to the consumer. Pool designers that are not salesman are the best way to insure you receive only what your pool should have. Would you strap on a lawn blower to your back on house cleaning day? No…because blowing around dirt does not lift the dirt it only moves it. This is why we design a swimming pool with a side suction port for a suction vacuum.

Build your own pool and save!

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And good luck on your project please let us know how we can help!

Jesse Oren

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