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How to select the proper equipment when Building Your Own Pool Project How To Build Your Own Pool

How to select the proper equipment when Building Your Own Pool Project.

Building your own pool, or commonly seen online as BYOP – Building a swimming pool without consultation, can be intimidating. No need to worry…

Our website receives visitors from all around the world, and we have helped thousands of people build their own pool. Today we are discussing the maintenance of a swimming pool and the related costs and choosing the right equipment so your pool stays clean and is easy to operate with low costs.

Swimming Pools today are designed with energy efficient pumps for the circulation of the pool and spa. The main swimming pool pump is primarily the pump that runs day-in-and-day out.
This main pump is a variable speed pump and whether you are using a swimming pool contractor or building your own pool most states now require these energy efficient pumps on all new pool construction.

This pump runs at near full rpm for the duration it would take for your side suction vacuum to complete the work of cleaning the floor. Once that is determined, a time for cleaning is registered in the pump and the remaining time of 8 to 10 hours is set at a low rpm for the daily circulation of the pool. The low rpm is like having a small wattage light bulb on. Drawing very low energy.
Salt Systems and Ozone Systems are beneficial to controlling the growth of algae keeping the pool and spa clean and clear. A proper sized filter and when serviced regularly in conjunction with the proper reading from your choice of these means of disinfecting the water, your swimming pool will always be ready for use. It is worth noting that freeform shape pools seem to help with the motion of the pool cleaners over rectangle pools. Pools with deep deep ends tend to also make it hard for the vacuums to operate at their best.

Having been in service for many years, I highly recommend a product called PoolRx. These mineral units stay in the skimmer of the pool and control algae from taking form. Replace this unit about every six months. You will see a huge savings in the use and costs of chlorine for that period.

Muriatic Acid added to the pool, should be added in small amounts at a time. Having a reading of 7.6ppm insures your disinfecting agent will work at its maximum ability. Cyanuric Acid Conditioner is a different product then muriatic Acid and its purpose is to protect the chemistry from the harsh elements of the sun. This product is added to the skimmer and should be checked a few times per year. But all-in-all the clean filter is the key.

Build your own pool and save!

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And good luck on your project please let us know how we can help!

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