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Pool Construction: Who Really Builds The Pool


Pool Construction: Who really builds the pool

Trade Swimming Pool Contractors do… Licensed in various trades of the process each individual contractor has specialized training in their prospective trades.

Excavators – These contractors are very skilled and must know the rules that apply to swimming pool excavation. Anyone with a tractor can dig a hole, Not everyone with a tractor can dig a swimming pool.

Steel Rebar Installers – These contractors crate the bones of the pool. These bars of steel vary in size and are specified by a licensed swimming pool engineer. Each bar is installed at the precise location and when completed will insure the pool is structurally sound.

Swimming Pool Plumbers and Electricians – These swimming pool contractors are skilled in the trade of swimming pool hydraulics. Each pump and feature have a required pipe size to maximize the efficiency and flow of the pools water. These swimming pool contractors will assist the homeowner in building your own pool to insure the water features flow as planned. Keyword “As Planned” Every trade is following the master plan created by the designer.

Swimming Pool Shotcrete/Gunite Companies – Swimming Pool Contractors licensed in this trade are the sculptors of the process and by the time this contractor has finished you see the pool as it was meant to be. It really takes shape at this point of the process. Gunite was the original process and as time when swimming pools became more then just a freeform pool with a spa the industry developed shotcrete. Shotcrete is a stronger material and is primarily used when a swimming pool structure has special conditions, built within a slope condition or possibly having a rock waterfall slide built on the pool.

Next in Building Your Own Pool comes the ginger bread portion.

Concrete Swimming Pool Contractors – These companies specialize in the coping edge or stone placement on the coping as well as any walls and masonry you would have on the design. This trade would also provide the deck drains to the street and grading and compaction of the soils from all the underground work prior. Once the forms are placed showing the flow of the walkways, this swimming pool contractor tradesman will pour your final decking.

Tile & Plastering Swimming Pool Contactors – These crews provide the final phases of the process bringing the beautiful touches to the pool project. I have always loved this phase because I know water is next and then it will be time to swim.

As you can see from this list, the only one missing is the Pool Contractor that ran the ads for these family owned companies that truly build the pool. I’m not taking all the credit away from some of these great folks, because I know some great people that have done very well being a swimming pool contractor. They hire salesman or women and live a very nice life utilizing the same sub-contractors that you can hire. All you need is a plan and a program to follow and someone that has trade knowledge. This is how building your own pool works. Save 30%-40% Build your own pool and save!

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