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Swimming Pool Plans – What you need to get a permit!


Swimming Pool Plans – What you need to get a permit! - How To Build Your Own Pool

Last week I received a call from an airline pilot on layover who shared with me that he purchased a swimming pool plan from one of my competitors for $5,000.00. He proceeded to tell me this was a 3D concept that also came with a non-color black line copy that showed dimensions. After receiving and paying for this plan he took it to the city where they informed him the plan was only a concept plan design, not a “City Ready Pool Plan” Document. He proceeded to share with me he had seen my website but thought the more expensive version would be the one that was more accurate.

Our swimming pool plans are tailored for where you live, even if we need to contact the building dept in your city when creating your swimming pool plans to be sure they will have what they need in addition to indicating clear notes to each of the contractors who will be performing each phase.

People from all around the world have used us at City Ready Pool Plans because we are not just assisting our clients with a design concept, as other companies are skilled in concept design, We are skilled in swimming pool construction and the details and methods required for high-end construction of pools, plumbing, electrical, masonry, concrete, pool features, pool plastering. Our vast experience is what we bring to your selecting City Ready Pool Plans for your document needs to have a complete package, not just a concept drawing of a pool.

Our swimming pool plans are recognized and respected by leading swimming pool engineering firms in several states, hundreds of contractors and families across America. The pool phase contractor showing up to bid your work will clearly understand your swimming pool plan and the details associated with his/her phase. We take the time in the beginning to discuss what it is that you want and what will work best for you property, then we translate that into “construction detailed notes” so it is clear on your plans. Because we take the time creating your swimming pool plans with clear details, your bids come in budget and your swimming pool project has a higher accuracy rate and faster completion time.

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